Matt Hall Studios is the primary publisher of the historical artwork of artist Matt Hall. Established in the Texas hill country just outside of Austin, where Matt lives with his wife and three sons, the Studio is a partnership between artist Matt Hall and military historian James Fenelon. The Studios’ mission is to bring moments of history alive by accurately depicting the stories and sacrifices of military veterans.

A traditionally trained artist, with a Fine Art degree from Missouri Southern State University, Matt has been painting since childhood taking inspiration from such artistic greats as NC Wyeth, Normal Rockwell and Frederic Remington. It was after a successful stint illustrating greeting cards and working in children’s television production that Matt’s career took a unique turn when he was hired as an Art Director at DreamWorks Studios. There he had the opportunity to work directly with Steven Spielberg on many projects including battle of Iwo Jima concept art for the movie Flags of Our Fathers. Matt also worked as an Art Director for DreamWorks’ Medal of Honor video game series, which provided him the occasion to work with the Congressional Medal of Honor Society by creating a series of paintings depicting recipients of our nation’s top award for bravery.

Today Matt is an internationally known artist, and his lithographs are sought by collectors from around the world, to include Prince Charles and President George W. Bush, both of whom have original work by Matt in their collections. Since leaving DreamWorks, Matt’s work has been featured in video games, on book covers and in magazines.


Having started his commercial career in military and aviation art by creating commissioned artwork for other publishers, Matt is proud to have launched his own Studio to showcase his work and make his projects directly available to the public. While Matt continues to do work for video games and movies, the Studio provides him an opportunity to inspire interest in history by brining pivotal moments alive through accurate and engaging artwork.

To create historically authentic artwork and ensure a factual portrayal of events requires in depth research. In the pursuit of accuracy Matt and James have interviewed dozens of veterans, visited the National Archives of England and the USA, toured battlefields in France, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Greece and Israel and have obtained original pieces of military equipment, uniforms, photography and weaponry. Getting the details correct is a foundational requirement for any of the Studio’s projects.

In addition to Matt’s paintings of the Tuskegee Airmen, the “Band of Brothers” and the Marines in the Pacific theater, Matt’s list of clients includes Disney, the American Legion, Lucas Arts and many US military organizations to include: the 101st Airborne Division, the 4th Infantry Division and the Joint Special Operations Command.

Matt’s lithographs can be ordered directly from his Studio website and are also available through many fine art dealers throughout the USA and overseas.

Our Commission Process

All commissions begin with a client interview followed by the submission of a proposal for the project. Once engaged, the project is divided into three phases: discover, design and deliver. It is a process that has multiple points of interaction with the client in order to ensure that all of the project’s objectives are accomplished.


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