These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of Matt Hall Studios. If your question is not answered below please contact us for an answer.

What are lithographic prints?

A lithograph is a reproduction of original artwork produced through a printing technique known as lithography, which utilizes a four-color process to replicate the full color spectrum.  Lithographic prints allow an artist to reproduce his work to a high quality standard while providing a reasonably priced collectible for art enthusiasts.

The Studio’s limited edition lithographs are printed on acid free, archival quality, 100-pound matte cover stock. This museum quality paper is Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) which eliminates toxins in the paper and ensures the long lasting integrity of the artwork.

Is Matt available for private commissions?

Yes, contact us to discuss privately commissioning a painting. As the requirements for each project are unique, the pricing of commissions varies. The process begins with a discovery meeting wherein the specifics of the project are discussed, after which the Studio will provide the potential client with a quote and project plan. Among others, Matt has completed commissions for the 101st Airborne Division, the Medal of Honor Society, the American Legion and the Joint Special Operations Command.

What are secondary market (resale) prints?

Once a print is sold out, it is only available through a secondary outlet (a dealer or collector) willing to sell their limited edition print. The term ‘secondary market’ usually refers to various sources that make out-of-print/sold out artwork available. While Matt does not repurchase prints, the Studio does on occasion have prints available of artwork originally released through another publisher. Please contact us for information and availability. Based on market demand, the price of secondary prints is generally higher than the original retail price.

What are your recommendations for framing?

Collectible lithographic prints should not be dry-mounted, glued or trimmed; doing so will greatly diminish the value of the print. We recommend you always have your prints framed professionally using acid free, museum quality materials. While the artwork is reproduced on acid free archival paper, exposure to non-acid free materials (such a many plastics) can damage the lithograph over time. To prevent fading of the printed inks, do not expose your framed or unframed print to direct sunlight or intensive artificial light. Unframed prints should be stored flat.

What are your shipping options?

All lithographs are wrapped in acid free tissue and mailed in strong postal tubes manufactured for international shipping. A single shipping charge is applied to each order:

  • $20.00 for orders with the USA
  • $50.00 for Europe and other global destinations
  • NOTE: shipping charges for giclee prints will vary and will be more expensive; this will be quoted to the client before the transaction has been completed.

Orders are usually shipped with twenty-four hours of cleared payment, and delivery can take up to two weeks. Orders within the USA are sent by trackable, signature-required delivery. International orders are sent by UPS/DHL.

What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

Matt Hall Studios guarantees that every work of art purchased through us is 100% authentic, with each lithograph having been signed and inspected by Matt himself. As such, each print is issued with an accompanying certificate of authenticity; each certificate is numbered to match the print edition and signed by Matt Hall; each certificate includes details of the edition and certifies the artwork as authentic.

What is a giclee print?

In some cases Matt Hall Studios will produce special editions of a print via the giclee (pronounced “gee-clay”) printing method. These editions are printed on canvas using a special printer to replicate the original artwork’s brilliance and variety of color, fine details and the full range of color contrast. They are produced one at a time with the end result looking very much like an original painting.

What is a Remarque?

A Remarque is an original pencil sketch done by the artist on the border of a print. Matt offers this option to collectors who are interested in adding personal or material value to their lithograph. While the remarque image is always related to the theme of the print itself, Matt accommodates specific requests as well. A remarque may be requested on any ordered artwork, and the size and shape of the final artwork varies but most are generally 2 x 6 inches. Standard remarques begin at $200. The price for a custom request varies based on the request and artist’s discretion. The addition of original, unique art to the border of print can cause those lithographs bearing a remarque (and only available on the secondary market) to become more valuable than a standard print. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

What is the difference between the editions and proofs?

Matt Hall Studios uses several types of editions and proofs to differentiate the variety of prints available for a given piece of artwork. The types of editions and proofs produced, as well as the number of each, varies by project. Quantities are determined prior to producing the prints and once sold out will not be reproduced again in lithographic print form, regardless of the demand. This is done in order to assure the collector’s investment.  Every print is inspected, signed and numbered by Matt ensuring that each print is an authentic reproduction of his original artwork.

Military Edition: Numbered lithographs signed by the artist, restricted to a specific military unit, never reprinted and not produced for sale.

Artist Proof Edition:  In the traditional method of lithography, the printer’s plates would wear down with repeated use thus making the first prints off the press the sharper, higher quality product. These were designated artist’s proofs. While advances in printing now ensure that every lithograph is produced at the same level of quality throughout a run, the tradition of reserving a limited number of prints as a special edition has become a standard method to provide collectors with an exclusive portion of an edition. Artist proofs are numbered uniquely to differentiate them from the rest of the edition and are not reprinted once sold out. Due to their exclusivity, artist proofs are slightly more expensive than the regular edition of a print and thus garner a higher price on the secondary market once sold out. Matt’s artist proofs are available exclusively through his Studio website.

Publisher Proof Edition:  A publisher proof is of the same quality as an artist proof but offered in higher quantities. Publisher proofs are uniquely numbered and are not reprinted once sold out. Publisher proofs can also be purchased through select galleries and art dealers.

Open Edition: An open edition is unnumbered lithograph signed by Matt and printed in an unlimited quantity.

What is the Studio’s return policy?

Customers who return their prints in original condition within 30 days will receive a full refund.

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